Shining New Light On Skylight Replacement

From sun and hail damage, to roof replacement or making a discolored bathroom look new again; there are numerous reasons why you will need to replace your old skylights.

Here are a few helpful skylight tips for easy replacement:

1. Measuring
With over 60 skylight styles and sizes available, accuracy is extremely important when determining which skylight is right for the job. With various sealers and caulks on the roof, these can pose a challenge to getting accurate measurements. Also, manufacturers use various size flanges for the same hole size. For best results, measure the rough hole side, this will give you the correct replacement skylight size.

Once you have your correct measurements, you will be choosing from a rectangle, square or neo angle skylight. Neo angles seem to cause the most confusion due to there being a long and short side that meet at a 90 degree angel. Make sure you have the correct measurements for the long and and short side, this will determine which skylight you will need. Some manufacturers make this easy by marking the long side "X" and the short side "Y" this helps to eliminate the confusion when ordering.

2. Inners
Once you have determined the correct size skylight you need, you should consider if the inner needs replacement. A new inner garnish can transform a tired discolored room giving it new life. An opaque white polycarbonate inner disperses light evenly and has soft rounded edges that trims out the inner ceiling. For a window to the stars, pair a new polycarbonate inner with a clear skylight. A perfectly matched inner and skylight is an excellent customer recommendation for those who want to instantly update and brighten an older coach.

3. Sealer
Skylights that are polycarbonate are extremely strong and impervious to UV breakdown. Make sure when installing you use a poly-compatible sealer for a successful installation, product longevity and customer satisfaction. Check with your manufacture as some will include a tube of sealant with their skylights taking the guess work out and giving you a product that ready to immediate installation.

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